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In PCmate, we aim to write stories and impart ideas on all things we can offer.

Topics We Cover

BUSINESS BLOGS: Articles on company concepts, product development, startups, branding, and other business-related issues, tips, news, and ideas.

MARKETING BLOGS: We accept copywriting, digital marketing, online marketing, internet marketing, content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, SEO, and other forms of marketing articles and guidelines.

FINANCE BLOGS: Articles on how to make money online, passive income, saving money, working from home, and so forth.

CAREERS and JOBS: Career development articles, guidance, suggestions, and resumes.

PRODUCTIVITY: We wish to provide our readers with useful ideas, productivity tips, and inspiration. Actionable articles are the best fit for this situation.

REAL ESTATE: Articles about buying, selling, renting a home; financing a home loan; home renovation, home improvement, and the like.

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